Far Superior USA Made Marlin Lure and Pelagic Lure Skirts
Why Are Arc Skirts so Much Better?

Traditional Skirts Comparison Problems

    • Break Easily
    • sizing complications
    • Logistical Complication in Acquiring Skirts
    • Long Lead Times
    • Limited Holographic or custom Color Options
    • Inventory Headaches

Architeuthis Skirts has solved all of these problems

The skirts we make are of a high quality poly vinyl chloride infused material. They are extremely resistant to abrasion and their break strength is over 10x stronger than a standard pvc skirt on direct pull force. Similar to traditional nylon skirts, Architeuthis skirts last through many fish but additionally have a marine grade Poly urethane blend that gives the skirt more body, greater ability for enhanced color patterns and even holographic decor with real abalone shell.  The greater body thickness creates a larger profile on the lure itself and the enhanced color options give greater ability to catch more fish.

We offer several sizes of skirts which can be easily chosen to fit any lure at out there. Imagine that. There is a sizable list of stock colors to choose from but completely manageable even for small shops. Custom colors are infinite and all skirts can be produced and shipped within 2 weeks.


Abalone Shell Marlin Lure Skirt

Abalone Shell
Fish Killer

The Only Skirts today with Real Abalone Shell Inlay

Holo Pink Marlin Lure Skirt

Dreamy Pink Holo
Attract More Fish

Extremely Strong with Brilliant Pink Holo Color

Blue Rainbow Lure Skirt

Rainbow Blue
Iridescent Bliss

Beautiful Rainbow Color Possibilities are Endless

Pink Marlin Lure Skirt

Solid Pink
Stunning and Vibrant

We make solid colors for those who enjoy simple yet elegant