Architeuthis Skirts USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Customize our Skirts

We can do nearly any color you can imagine – just ask us

Will it fit my Lure size?

The beauty of these skirts is they can easily fit any size lure.
You can always scale them down.
If you choose to small then it wont work, but if you choose to big you can easily scale down.  A 6″ width will fit nearly any size Lure other than very Large Marlin Lures.

How do you put them on the Lure?

It is quite simple.There are several options but we highly recommend the Arc Skirts with Arc Glue option.This uses only a tiny dab of glue to hold the skirt in place and then tie it on.  See the Video on how to do this, you will be amazed.

Where do I buy them?

You can buy right here on line or contact us for a local dealer in your area.

Do they catch fish

You bet your ass they do, these skirts will catch more fish than traditional pvc, rubber or mylar skirts guaranteed!

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