Some of the big questions that arise involve the how to’s on Skirting the Architeuthis PVC Skirts. The truth is there are so many ways to do it, including flipping and tying like the old style vinyl skirts, tying straight with no flip-over, gluing straight, or the most preferred method is to use the arc skirts adapter. Take a look below on an explanation on how to use the adapter as well as some other common questions we have been asked

How do I skirt My Lure?

There are many different lures and they all come in different styles.  And we understand that.  There are videos out there on how to tie on Vinyl skirts, quite common in Hawaii.  This method is certainly an option, as our skirts can be tied on in this same fashion if you are accustomed to tying on Vinyl Skirts for Offshore Lures.  But, in our opinion not time well spent to achieve the end result.

We have invented a simple adapter that can be used to make any lure work just perfect with an Architeuthis Skirt.  Many Lures do not need it and in fact below we will list some of the more common lure Brands on the market let you know what we recommend.  The good news is, it is all super simple and you can check out the video as well.

What we most recommend for our big game lure skirts is a very simple technique.  An adapter (that comes with every skirt you purchase) a couple tiny drops of arc glue and about 1 minute of your time.  Sometimes when people here the word “glue” they get nervous, but with our adapter, the fact that these skirts last 10x longer than most other skirts, you will soon see this is by far the best method to skirt an offshore trolling lure to date.

Because of the material we use, the compaction style on the PVC, the glue bonds it to the resin and will never come lose, but if you want to change out the adapter for some reason, no problem.  The material itself (unlike any other skirt on the market) is as strong as the bond, so you can simply break it free and usually with very little scraping your lure back is like new.

How does the Adapter work?

It is so simple.  Take a look at at the video below.  The adapter is just a triangular strip of our pvc material.  Start as the thin end, use the smallest drop of glue you can imagine, and start wrapping.  Add one more small drop of glue in the middle and then one more drop to bond the material to itself as seen in the video below.  The goal here is to make the adapter so it just sits level with the center ridge on the Lure.  Then the skirt is glued to that piece of material so the only glue touching the lure itself is the adapter with the glue down in the corner of the lure crevice.   The whole process generally takes less than 2 minutes and can be done in less than one with practice.

What about when I want to change my skirt?

No problem.  Simply pull the skirt off.  The material is so strong that you can mostly pull it off with some force.  Any that rips up and pieces that remain, simply shave off with a blade.  It is nothing like shaving off a standard skirt that was glued on – this is 10 times easier.  Then simply reskirt the lure.  Easy as that.

What width should my skirt be?

The cool thing about our method of gluing the skirt is there is no need to be exact.  In fact, we like to over lap, or even do 2 full wraps around the diameter of the head.  If double skirting we recommend just cut the skirt so the circumference matches up with the circumference of the lure neck.  This can just be estimated with a quick wrap around, then cut off any extra material depending on which skirt you purchased.